EQUE is a place to discover new music through familiar voices.

We're a publication that provides artists and creatives a platform to share the music that they believe needs to be heard. Through an integrated mix of playlists and editorials, EQUE gives fans a deep dive into the musical libraries of luminaries along with intimate introductions to new artists.

Pronounced E•Q

EQUE was founded in Toronto by Matt Jumper, a multi-disciplinary designer and music photographer, and Ian Graham, an entrepreneur and marketer with a background in artist management.

The mission has always been to put people on the same frequency with music. With that intention, we united under the moniker EQUE – an extraction from the word FREQUENCY.

Our journey started off in 2016 with creating an app from the ground-up to democratize the music listening experience between friends. We even created a complex algorithm to help find the common music interests that connects everyone.

In 2020, our focus has narrowed into music discovery. We found that a lot of people – including ourselves – heavily value discovering new music; whether that be uncovering artists they’ve never heard before or deep cuts from artists they’ve known for years. We’ve heard all kinds of ways people discover music, but there was no single place for us to go that was both easily digestible and curated by people we could trust.

So we made EQUE Mag, a central place for people to discover new music through voices they already know and love. A community of artists and creatives supporting each other and fans connecting to unearth their new favourite sounds.

Regardless of the medium, we’re always striving to connect people through music. We hope you enjoy what we’re doing with EQUE Mag.

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